10 In-Demand Jobs Every Writer Must Consider

Growing up with a love of writing, only some people realize it can be more than a hobby. It is a realistic career option that can open many doors of opportunity for you. Writing jobs can be highly rewarding as they pay well and allow you to fully use your creativity.

The instinct to use the right words and the passion for writing can lead to a successful career. However, you must know what you are looking for before trying your luck in every possibility. You must be sure of the kind of writing that gives you ease and peace of mind.

Here are some in-demand options in a writing career that you can consider for a satisfying career.

1. Ghostwriting

Every writer wants to be appreciated and credited for their hard work. While every writing job can pay differently, ghostwriting is among the most lucrative options. However, the downside for many writers is that you may not be credited for your work. Instead, the clients hold the right to publish the content under their name.

The content can range from blogs, books, and scripts to online content and public speeches. It is important to remember that you may also need strong editing skills to land good ghostwriting jobs. In addition, you may also need to work harder to find opportunities since it can take time to grow your network.

2. Grant Writing

Grant writing is an ideal career path for writers who are keen on details and have good research skills. These skills help organizations arenagadgets, individuals, or non-profits gather grants from the state, funding agencies, and federal agencies.  

Your role as a grant writer may require you to develop, write, and submit grant proposals. In short, you are responsible for ensuring that every step you take aligns with the specification of the grant. The end goal is to help your client secure a grant.

 3. Speech Writer

Speech writing may be a great career option for individuals who think they have the ability to engage people and communicate effectively. As the name suggests, speech writers are required to write speeches for others to be delivered to an audience.

It is important to remember that being a speechwriter is not only about good writing skills. It also requires you to develop good listening skills to understand your client’s speaking style. Your clients can vary from leaders and politicians to lawmakers and leaders.

4. Content Writer

Many people wanting to turn writing into a career start by looking for jobs as content writers. It is because content writing starts with a firm grasp of language, a consistent flow, and consistency in tone. These qualities are something every writer wants to improve.

Content writers are mostly required to deliver a smooth and informative experience to the client’s target audience. They write for a range of niches in an effort to motivate the audience to visit their website and buy a product or a service.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is an ideal job for writers who appreciate creativity and have a firm grasp of the language. Copywriters are responsible for creating and editing promotional materials, website content, and emails. They work closely with other teams to brainstorm ideas and turn them into reality.

The ability to make content compelling for the targeted audience is what sets copywriters apart. From phrases to taglines, and landing pages, copywriters must write persuasively and conduct research on consumer behavior side by side.

6. Technical Writing

If you are looking for a writing job that challenges you every day, technical writing is the path to follow. Technical writers need good research skills, technical know-how, along with effective writing skills to succeed in the field. It is not as easy to land a job as a beginner technical writer as many think.

It is one of the most rewarding careers, as it allows you to grow your knowledge of technology every day. From creating diagrams to instruction manuals, their job is to make complex information simple while paying attention to all the details.

7. Editor

As opposed to the common perception, the job of an editor is a lot more complex than fixing grammar and correcting sentence structure. They revise, format, and correct content to ensure that it communicates its highest potential.

In addition, editors also may need to work with teams of writers to teach them about best practices to improve their content. However, you can also explore your options as a freelance editor and work from the comfort of your home.

8. Transcription Writer

With the rising popularity of podcasts, the need for transcription writers is growing every day. Transcription writers listen to audio and transcribe it. The goal is to turn the podcast into a readable version for people who prefer multiple mediums.

However, these transcriptions of the audio or video must exclude pauses and filler words. The goal is to follow the standards of the industry and conventional rules of language and turn them into an easily readable version, such as a manuscript or a blog post.

9. Script Writer

The need for entertainment in several forms can never be taken away from humans. Hence, there will always be a need for someone who uses their creativity for mutual benefit. Scriptwriting is an ideal opportunity for someone who aims to turn a vision into a reality.

From product scripts for TV ads, movies, or podcasts, the media world is always looking for someone to create blueprints of new concepts and original ideas. Hence, they always need a script writer by their side to turn visions into interesting stories and plots.

10. Proposal Writer

As the name suggests, proposal writers are responsible for drafting proposals for businesses and individuals to showcase their strengths and qualifications. Proposal writing is an ideal profession for those willing to take up a challenge and contend in a competitive field.

Proposal writers create documents to persuade investors to work with your client’s business or project. It is essential for proposal writers to have exceptional research and organizational skills. Of course, this profession usually appreciates the use of formal language.