How to Use a Natural Hair Serum

A natural hair serum is a fantastic way to hydrate and improve the health of your hair. It should be applied after washing and conditioning the hair. Divide the hair into four equal parts and use your palms to massage the serum megaupload into your hair. Work your way up from the scalp to the tips of each section.

Fresh aloe vera gel is a great natural hair serum. This gel is extremely moisturizing and can be mixed with a small amount of almond or argan oil. Apply this serum to wet or dry hair, focusing on the ends. Avoid applying it too eworld close to the roots as the serum is oily.

A natural hair serum is a great way to prevent split ends and tame flyaways. It is also an excellent solution for damaged hair. It contains amino acids that are effective for strengthening technecy hair strands, improving structure, and preventing breakage. It can also prevent hair fall and help your hair stay hydrated.

Before choosing the right natural hair serum, you ibibo should consider your hair type. A thicker serum is best suited for dry or damaged hair. Oil-based hair serums tend to weigh down finer hair and econtentmags should be used sparingly.