Ronnie Peterson’s Daughter Nina

Nina Peterson, Ronnie Peterson’s daughter, was born in 1975. When she was twelve, she was left with her grandparents in Orebro. Later, she moved in with her mother and father in Barbro. Nina Louise Peterson was named after Jochen Rindt’s widow. Ronnie and Barbro Peterson had a close relationship, but there was some friction after the birth of Nina.

George Harrison’s ‘Faster’ is a tribute to Peterson. The late musician and singer wrote a song in Peterson’s honor and recorded a music video of it. The song was titled “Faster” and the video was later released. The film will have additional contributions from Peterson’s daughter and other world champions.

In 1978, Ronnie Peterson was battling with Ferrari driver Mario Andretti for the championship. Peterson finished fourth. After the race was red flagged, he reached the top three drivers. However, he was nearly caught in the middle of the pack. In Monza, he qualified fifth and was in danger of finishing in the middle of the field.

Ronnie Peterson was nearly a foot taller than Mario Andretti. Despite this, his overalls were the same size as Andretti’s. Peterson’s father was a baker and built a house near Orebro.