Top 3 Best Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Thailand and betting on cricket matches has become increasingly popular over the years. With the rise of online betting sites, it has become easier than ever for Thai punters to place bets on cricket matches from all around the world. In this blog post, we will be looking at the top 3 best cricket betting sites in Thailand.

What are Cricket Betting Sites?

Cricket betting sites are online platforms that allow users to place bets on cricket matches. These sites typically offer a variety of different betting options, including pre-match and live-betting markets. They also provide users with detailed information about each match, such as team news and statistics.

Top 3 Best Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand


As one of the top reputable bookmakers in Asia, FUN88 has owned a huge number of members. This bookie is trusted by bettors when it is licensed to operate in Thailand. In addition, Fun88กีฬา also provides services along with extremely quality products, so it is more and more popular with players.

Not only that, when participating in cricket betting, you will have absolute confidentiality of information. All information will be stored by the bookie using modern technology and will not be stolen. In addition to the above factors, FUN88 also provides players with great value incentive programs. In particular, when participating in FUN88, you will be provided with many different bet levels, so whether you have high or low capital, you will also choose a suitable bet for you. Therefore, if you want to find an address to participate in the cricket betting experience, then FUN88 is an extremely reputable address to register to participate.


W88 is probably a name that can be said to be extremely familiar to all Thai bettors today. This is a leading sportsbook and casino in Asia. Not only that, this place currently owns a huge number of members with up to millions of people. In addition, W88 is also licensed to operate legally by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. Therefore, the reputation of this bookie is also more and more secure and worth your trust.

When participating in Cricket bets at เว็บ W88, you will experience a surreal feeling. Because the image, sound as well as interface are invested very carefully. Above all, here W88 will provide players with a multitude of diverse bet levels and the payout ratio is also very high. Especially, when coming to W88, all your information will be absolutely confidential by the bookie. Therefore, it can be said that this is a safe address that you can refer to when you want to experience this game.


For longtime Thai bettors, FB88 is probably not a strange name. Because this is currently a reputable bookmaker address in the entertainment betting industry in Asia and Thailand. FB88 has an extremely fast growth rate when it is loved by a large number of players. Customer care service along with the confidentiality of customer information is very professional and guaranteed. FB88 is increasingly gaining the trust of countless brothers. Therefore, the number of members participating here has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Particularly for cricket bets, the number of registered members is increasing day by day. It can be said to be more dominant than other online games. Because in FB88 cricket betting, there are many promotional packages with great value for new members as well as VIP members here. Not only that, but the bet levels here are also very diverse, you can choose the bet level that suits you best. In particular, FB88 always focuses on website interface design. So when participating in cricket betting, bettors will experience a real feeling, and the game speed is also extremely smooth. And it can be said that this is a reliable address for you to participate in cricket betting.

Benefits of Using Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand

There are many benefits to using cricket betting sites in Thailand over traditional bookmakers or casinos. For starters, these sites offer more competitive odds than most other forms of gambling in the country due to their global reach. Additionally, they provide users with detailed information about each match so they can make informed decisions when placing their bets. Finally, these sites often offer bonuses or promotions which can help increase profits over time if used correctly.

Safety & Security Considerations When Using Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand

When using any online platform it’s important to consider safety & security measures before making any deposits or placing any bets on matches/events/outcomes etc. All three of the aforementioned cricket betting sites have taken steps to ensure user safety & security by implementing SSL encryption technology into their websites & mobile apps; this helps protect user data from being accessed by third parties without permission from the user themselves! Additionally, all three websites have implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures which require customers to verify their identity before they can withdraw funds from their accounts – this helps prevent fraud & money laundering activities taking place on these platforms!

Payment Options Available at Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand

All three of the aforementioned cricket betting sites accept payments via bank transfer (local Thai banks only), credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard), eWallets (Neteller/Skrill) & cryptocurrency wallets (Bitcoin). Each payment method comes with its own set of advantages & disadvantages; however, all three websites provide secure payment processing services which help protect customer data from being accessed by third parties without permission from the user themselves!

Customer Support Services at Cricket Betting Sites in Thailand

All three websites provide customer support services via email & live chat (available 24/7). Each website also has an extensive FAQ section that covers common questions related to account management & sportsbook rules etc., so customers should always check there first before contacting customer support directly.


In conclusion, Fun88, W88, and FB88 are three of the best online sportsbooks for cricket betting in Thailand due to their comprehensive range of markets, competitive odds, user-friendly platforms, live streaming options, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a Test match or just want to place some casual bets on your favorite teams or players – these three sites have you covered.