Use a Spirit Meal Voucher Mastercard to Save Money on Your Next Flight

Using a Spirit meal voucher to save money on your next flight can be an excellent way to stretch your budget. You can use these cards to receive 25% back on the price of in-flight food or drinks. The refund will be posted to your account within seven days. Just make sure your account is open and that you’re logged in to use the voucher.

This card earns flexible points, but there is a $95. annual fee. However, the card’s rewards program is flexible and points can be transferred to many other travel partners. Other great benefits of using this card include airline-specific benefits and a companion voucher. But the annual fee is high. If you prefer flexibility, you may want to consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card. It earns five times more points on dining and travel, and it gives you an additional 25% off on all other purchases. It also allows you to transfer points 1:1 to a variety of travel partners.

However, you should keep in mind that the value of the points offered by the Spirit Airlines credit card is quite low compared to other airlines. While you’ll earn three points for every dollar you spend on Spirit, you’ll only earn half as much as with top airline programs. So if you don’t use your credit card for restaurant and grocery store purchases, you’ll find other credit cards with better rewards.