Why Is Grooveshark Being Removed From the Android Market?

We’re all aware of Grooveshark, the streaming music service that allows you to play songs from any album, radio station, or website. And you’ve probably even used it to check in to concerts and upload your concert photos to Facebook. But why is Grooveshark being pulled from the Android Market? This article explores the reasons behind the removal. And if you’re still curious, keep reading!

Grooveshark was a streaming-music service for mobile

It was a popular music streaming app that recently redesigned itself. A new design puts recommended music front and center. Stations also let you share your favorite songs. Spotify also has made station-based music discovery a focus. However, despite this, Grooveshark is still a popular choice among streaming music fans. We’ll take a closer look at why.

Originally launched in 2011, grooveshark offered a mobile version. The service had over 15 million songs and a community of 20 million users. Users could search for music by artist, song, or album, and could subscribe to other users’ playlists. You could also connect other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share your playlists with friends. You could also listen to radio stations of certain genres, create playlists, and share them with others through e-mail.

Although the company was in financial trouble, it still managed to launch a mobile HTML5 web application. Unlike its rivals, Grooveshark was a great alternative to Spotify for some people. The app offered access to playlists and was free to download. However, the app has since been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play. However, there’s no word on how GrooveBackup will work for mobile users.

It allowed users to create and share playlists

A few years ago, Grooveshark was an online music player that allowed users to create and share playlists. The service boasted over 15 million songs and 20 million users. Users could search for music by song, album, artist, genre, or by browsing other users’ recent activity newsstock. Users could also subscribe to other people’s playlists and share them through e-mail. Users could also listen to radio stations for a particular genre, or create their own playlists and connect them to other social media accounts.

Before creating a new playlist, users had to upload the same music to each platform. They then had to wait for the upload to finish. In the past, this process was a hassle, so Gooveshark introduced the Playlists feature, which allows users to share their favorite music with other users newsbench. Users could even share their playlists with friends. And because Gooveshark is free, it’s now available for the public.

It let users check-in at concerts

Grooveshark has been a hot topic on social media this week, especially after the company announced it will allow concertgoers to check-in at shows on their smartphones. The app enables users to share snippets of their concert experiences and check-ins at live shows magazinemania. The company says that its rejection of the app is due to “selfish motives,” but it does not mention that it is also facing legal troubles. A copyright lawsuit filed by Universal Music Group against the company has been resolved through a licensing deal with EMI. Other app stores like BlackBerry and Palm have approved Grooveshark, and this may indicate that Apple will finally approve it.

Grooveshark is similar to YouTube for music. Users can upload their own songs and use them to share music with other users. This results in a giant jukebox of music. Users can also check-in at concerts, and even check-in to see who’s playing where. This feature is a nice touch for concert goers and will make the experience even better thoptvnews.

It let users upload concert photos to Facebook

Grooveshark is a music streaming site that allows users to find and listen to any song, artist, or album. You can also upload concert photos to Facebook and share them with your friends. The site was very popular during its early days and had an app that you could download. However, it was removed from Google Play and the Apple App Store shortly after its launch. If you still want to enjoy the site, you can use the HTML5 version.


In addition to the free site, Grooveshark also has a “Community” section that lets users follow their friends and see their activities. Users can also connect other social media accounts to view photos of their friends at concerts postinghub. But the free version has its drawbacks, too. While there are some ads, they are minimal, and you can enjoy the free version of the site. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy more themes and access to customer support. If you’re a heavy Facebook user, consider upgrading to a VIP plan.